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Yamaha YHT-S401BL Front Surround Home Entertainment System

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Yamaha YHT-S401BL Front Surround home Theater System

Key Features

Front Surround System with center speaker provides clear dialogue plus an expansive sound field for greater TV enjoyment
Oval center speaker ensures natural sound reproduction with low listening fatigue
Powerful Subwoofer-Integrated Receiver might be used horizontally or vertically to offer robust bass which has a sharp kick
AIR SURROUND XTREME provides powerful 7.1-channel surround sound
UniVolume keeps programs and commercials at the same volume level

High Sound Quality

Soundbar with Center Speaker Provides Clear Dialogue as well as an Expansive Soundfield

The YHT-S401 consists of your soundbar and receiver/subwoofer, which it can be done to position conveniently nearby the TV. The soundbar has three speakers together with a center speaker for clear dialogue from movies and TV programs. Yamaha’s rich, natural sound and expansive surround fields will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your media sources.
5.5cm (2- 1/8”) Full Range Speakers Delivers Crisp Richly Detailed Sound

The 5.5cm (2-1/8”) full range speakers use extra-large voice coils to offer fast sound attack, wide dynamic range and highly detailed sound. You’ll enjoy impressive surround quality of sound from all your audio and video sources.

Oval Center Speaker Ensures Natural Sound Reproduction with Low Listening Fatigue

The oval center speaker features a paper cone with excellent vibration mode characteristics, so unnecessary vibrations usually do not affect sound quality. Dialogue and vocals sound exceptionally clear and natural.
Saran Net Grille Enhances Sound Definition and Vocal Clarity

The grille protecting the speaker unit is really a saran net that allows unimpeded sound flow. All sounds, including vocals and music, do understand and pleasant to pay attention to.
Subwoofer performs beautifully both in vertical and horizontal positions.
Powerful Subwoofer Outputs Robust Bass which has a Sharp Kick

Powered by the 100W built-in digital amp, the subwoofer has a voice coil optimally positioned for superior response. It delivers clear, powerful bass with a sharp kick for movie sound effects and music.
Fill your living area with sound in the YAS-101's realistic and impressive sound field.
Surround Realism

AIR SURROUND XTREME Provides Powerful Surround Sound

Yamaha’s exclusive AIR SURROUND XTREME reproduces 7.1-channel surround sound with high quality, excellent imaging and rich presence, far superior to that relating to any other soundbar system. You’ll experience an extremely realistic and impressive sound field, with clear dialogue within the front and dynamic sound action with the back and sides.

Full HD Audio Compatibility

The YHT-S401 decodes HD Audio signals to ensure that you just hear the best possible sound from Blu-ray Disc players, as well as from all of other digital sources.

Digital USB Connection for iPod/iPhone
MP3 Audio Compatibility

A USB terminal can make it quick and an easy task to plug in an iPod or iPhone. Since digital signal from the iPod/iPhone is transmitted directly, noise interference is minimized and quality of sound is optimized.

Extended Stereo

Yamaha uses advanced sound processing to extend the stereo soundfield (wider sound imaging) so you've more range of optimum listening positions.
The piano-black finish in the YHT-S401 matches flat-screen TVs perfectly.

Headphone Jack for Multi-Channel Sound

The headphone jack lets you plus in your individual headphones and revel in virtual 7.1-channel sound in private.

Clear Voice Makes Dialogue and Narrations Easy to Hear

Clear Voice raises the degree of dialogue and narrations while keeping overall sound quality. Movies and TV shows, sports commentary and news broadcasts tend to be clearly audible.

UniVolume Maintains the Same Volume Level

This welcome feature, permitted by Yamaha-developed technology, maintains a consistent volume level between different channels, programs, commercials and input sources. It can be started up and off.
Music Enhancer Makes Compressed Audio Sound Fresh
When music is encoded in a very digital compressed format like MP3, frequency response suffers inside the everywhere ranges. Yamaha employs sophisticated digital signal processing with exclusive algorithms, enabling faithful reproduction of the original music, for excellent sound quality.

Product Specifications

Woofer: 5 1/4" cone
Tweeter: Dual 2-1/8"cone, 4"cone
Max Front Input Power: 50 watts each
Max Sub Input Power: 100 watts
Frequency Response: 35 Hz – 20 kHz
Crossover frequency: 150 Hz
Impedance: Sub:3 ohms, Speakers:6 ohms
Soundbar Dimensions: 31-1/2” , 3-1/8", 3-7/8”
Sub/Receiver Dimensions: 17-1/8", 5-3/8", 14- 1/4"
Weight: Bar: 3.3lbs, Sub/Rec: 17.4lbs
Similar Yamaha Products to Consider
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Yamaha YHT-S400BL Front Surround Unique Home Entertainment Package -- The Yamaha YHT-S400 is often a unique soundbar home theater system that's more compact and versatile than conventional soundbars. Yamaha was in a situation to create a subwoofer in the surprisingly slim receiver, eliminating an extra unit (and cables) and allowing convenient placement. Plus, the YHT-S400 is one from the slimmest soundbars about the market. Irrespective of the space, it is achievable to fit a whole home entertainment system into even one with the most unforgiving of rooms.

Yamaha YSP-2200 Digital Sound Projector -- The YSP-2200 applies sophisticated sound projection technology to precisely control the orientation from the sound by focusing it through multiple beams. The center channel sound is heard directly, while sounds off their channels are heard after reflecting off walls. The end result holds true multi-channel surround sound that sounds just as being a multi-speaker system--but without the need for extra speakers.

Front Surround System with center speaker provides clear dialogue and an expansive sound field for greater TV enjoyment.
Oval center speaker ensures natural sound reproduction with low listening fatigue
Powerful subwoofer outputs robust bass with a sharp kick
AIR SURROUND XTREME provides powerful 7.1-channel surround sound with six surround modes to match the listening genre and content
USB digital connection for iPod/iPhone

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